​Deploy Internet Identity locally

Image source: DFINITY foundation
So, you are looking to deploy Internet Identity (II) locally?
​Here are my four easiest solution to do so!


​To deploy II locally, we need to get its canister (Wasm module). We can either build the code ourself, using Docker and the docker-build script provided by the II team, or download an existing release.
​As I really dislike doing anything Devops related myself and, also because the goal of this tutorial is to make things happen fast, the following solutions are using the pre-build/released wasm (the above second option).
​The first two options are applicable for any dapps, the last two are more useful if you start a new project.

​1. Automatic Installation

It is possible to set up II for a project with ​dfx​ >= 0.12.0 using a ​custom​ canister.
So, just drop the following configuration in your project and that's already it.
{ "canisters": { ... "internet_identity": { "type": "custom", "candid": "https://github.com/dfinity/internet-identity/releases/latest/download/internet_identity.did", "wasm": "https://github.com/dfinity/internet-identity/releases/latest/download/internet_identity_dev.wasm", "shrink": false, "remote": { "candid": "internet_identity.did", "id": { "ic": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai" } } } }, ... }
​Using ​dfx​ < v0.12.0, it's a bit more verbose - or hacky depends the point of view - but we can also leverage the ​build​ callback to download and install II automatically.
{ "canisters": { ... "internet_identity": { "type": "custom", "candid": "internet_identity.did", "wasm": "internet_identity.wasm", "build": "bash -c 'test -f internet_identity.wasm || curl -sSL https://github.com/dfinity/internet-identity/releases/latest/download/internet_identity_dev.wasm -o internet_identity.wasm; test -f internet_identity.did || curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dfinity/internet-identity/main/src/internet_identity/internet_identity.did -o internet_identity.did'", "remote": { "candid": "internet_identity.did", "id": { "ic": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai" } } } }, ... }
​As we only want to deploy II locally, it is worth to note that above configs contain a ​remote​ option that points to II on mainnet. Thanks to it, the wasm won't be deployed when we deploy our canisters to mainnet.
You might also want to skip committing the ​.did​ and ​.wasm​ files - that are going to be automatically downloaded - by omitting these in your ​.gitignore​.
internet_identity.wasm internet_identity.did

​2. Manual Installation

​If you prefer to not touch any configuration of your project, it is possible to deploy II locally manually as well. e.g. that's the strategy I personally use when I deploy Papyrs.
Anywhere on your computer, while ​dfx start has been started in your project, run following command lines and that's already it too.
git clone https://github.com/dfinity/internet-identity cd internet-identity/demos/using-dev-build npm ci dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument '(null)'

​3. New dapp

If you start from scratch or looking to create a sample dapp, instead of initializing a new project with ​dfx​, I recommend you to use the ​npm CLI (I have created). It prompts you interactively for options and setup everything for you including II.
npm init ic
​4. Game Changer
I am working on a new secret side project that aims to reduce the gap for web2 developer on the IC early 2023 (🤯). Join my newsletter to keep hearing about it or reach me out on Twitter to get to know more!
​To infinity and beyond